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Originally Posted by Banksy View Post
You have repeatedly said yourself that you are poor, so how can you afford to hire somebody to spread flyers? Have you fixed the 4 wheel drive in your truck yet? Is your mower fixed yet? Put on your walking shoes, get off the computer and hit the pavement.
I am meaning in addition to my own work. Plowing customers started paying me. Waiting on a solenoid to be delivered then I should be able to flush my mower and get it going. I do have a bit of extra cash to invest. Finally. If I want to get by this summer it needs to go into advertisement.

as far as my truck goes. I don't have the tool to hook a slide hammer to the intermediate shaft. im not too worried about it as i dont need it again till next year. when it warms up and im ready for summer ill weld a chunk to the end of the shaft so i can pull it out.
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