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Originally Posted by exmarkking View Post
so it's me and 1 helper servicing 52 weekly properties. I drive the truck and run the mowers, he does all the trimming, blowing, spraying ect. I would like to get out of the truck and start growing the business, but it can't be as easy as hiring another guy and walking away. What sets did you go through to accomplish this? Did you make more money once you made this move? Was it worth it? There are so many things to think about when you turn someone loose with your truck, equipment and customers.
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I would start transitioning slowly. I was in your position a while ago but remember two years following where our profits were the same because I was out doing less of the physical labor and more office work.

Make sure your helper is trained to be an effective crew leader and knows your expectations on a customer service and workmanship level. Then start taking a day or two off per week. You can supplement the loss of profit by going out on irrigation service calls or doing other work. It is going to feel like your doing this in vain for a while until you are able to get back those profits and grow.

Another thing i noticed is my pricing was sufficient for my business model at the time (me and two helpers) but once I started to transition out of the labor I noticed my pricing would not support my desired business model. I then started pricing everything by the hour (although i wont always give the customer our hourly rate).

So my advice; transition slowly, save a majority of your money to help with growth, make sure your pricing things now for your future business model.

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