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Originally Posted by BLC1 View Post
What are the biggest problems/concerns about the product. Sounds like a lot of bugs but where is the biggest headache coming from?

Are they under staffed there or what? I know problems can't be fixed over night but, with team of people you think they could knock out little by little.
Support has been excellent, and my actual bug list has been very small. It's more what's bugging me in useful functionality, and the lousy to non existent upgrades to functionality.

I run this on 4 laptops and 2 desktops, chrome and firefox. We do fert apps and irrigation, plus mowing our own property and 2 neighbors, so our use is pretty varied. Yet real bugs to what works have been minimal and quickly fixed.

If you have never had schedule software or low level software, it's a huge step up. If you are looking for a more elite product to grow a business in this competitive world, this product is not ready for prime time.
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