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I'm sure it depends on the openness of the property, the more obstacles and tight places probably take away from the gains, but I would say at minimum you can cut your time by 1/4 to 1/3. Doesn't look like it stripes very well, but I'm sure roller on the back would take care of that.
Yep. Narrow gated yards where nothing else will fit but a 21" would be a plus for owning this mower. Also it would come in handy for smaller yards where the owner does not want larger mowers. There might be a use on hills where bigger equipment cannot get to.

As far as a trim mower I dont see it being more efficient than a quick and lightweight 21". I have many properties where I use the 21" just for a couple spots. Do I really want to wrestle around with this monstrosity of a pushmower for a couple passes. Once I see how this mower does on hills and as a trim mower then I will decide at that point.
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