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i disagree that anyone who is a landscaper has a passion for equipment and not the work they are actually doing.

as i said in a previous post. i consider myself a landscaper by seans words. but does that mean i'm in this business to play with cool toys all day, nope. i have my own business because i love the work in general. sure i love using the trimmers, mowers, blowers, edgers, etc. but i also love pulling away seeing that manicured lawn. i love packing up and looking back at those trimmed shrubs, that fresh mulch job. i love knowing the people who hired me are gonna come home, see the work i did and smile. it's not all about the equipment.

there are many other cool toys i'd rather play with than mowers and trimmers. so if i were in it for the toys, i really wouldn't be in it at all. i'd go start a different business with the toys i really have a passion for.
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