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Originally Posted by lawnkingforever View Post
Yep. Narrow gated yards where nothing else will fit but a 21" would be a plus for owning this mower. Also it would come in handy for smaller yards where the owner does not want larger mowers. There might be a use on hills where bigger equipment cannot get to.

As far as a trim mower I dont see it being more efficient than a quick and lightweight 21". I have many properties where I use the 21" just for a couple spots. Do I really want to wrestle around with this monstrosity of a pushmower for a couple passes. Once I see how this mower does on hills and as a trim mower then I will decide at that point.
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I'm still under the impression that the 35# lighter TimeMaster is a better option for trim and limited use as long as there not as much steep up and down hills drills where the personal pace is challenged.

For some reason many are missing the point on this class of mower compared to a bigger heavier WB that has side discharge and a side catcher. It's called a rear bagger for those of use who are stuck bagging some of the time.
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