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Just got back from the dealer with another Exmark 30. The more we use them, the more I see the benefits. It is stopping my guys from using the Navigator or Walker on lawns that are to small for it and to big for the 21's. I can't stand when I have to go repair a bunch of stuff from them using the Nav. on lawns where it should not have been used. It's also stopping the complaints of some customer's who feel a large mower on a smaller lawn is no bueno. Also lawn's that have had constant mowings from a 21 will develop rut's. Even if pattern is rotated weekly it can still happen. The 30's larger rear wheels plus the wider width help not rut. And of course the 1/3 reduction in mowing time. Have been on some thick lawns and it bog's no worse than my Toro Commercial 21's.
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