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Funny. Was thinking this was a new thread but it's almost 3 years old. Then I saw my old post.

This last year I've reduced bagging by 40-60%. The only time I bag my own lawn is the first low mow cutting of the season.

The key on reduced bagging is you need to be in control of the fert program. Fast release synthetic fert is a huge no no once Spring is well underway. Go with a slow release product or better yet a organic based bridge product.

Since I'm a recovering perfectionist I typically double cut most of my lawns... bagging or not.

Here in the land of Walker Mowers and huge grass pile in the front of trailers or truck bed. I refuse to go Walker.

The other key is over watering of lawns which is epidemic here.

When I'm stuck bagging I use 6' x 6' burlap squares and toss in back of truck bed.
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