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Originally Posted by trevor99montero View Post
Sent off soil sample and I need 140lbs of lime per 1000sqft. Going to split that up into 2 applications, 100lbs in Spring and 40lbs in the fall. I raked up a TON of moss so step 1 is complete. Here is what im going to do next, let me know your opinions...
-Spread lime ASAP before a couple days of rain in forcast.
-Wait for ground to dry enough and aerate the lawn and drag to break up the cores of dirt
-spread a fescue mix about 10 days after lime application

Was told Fescue would spread and grow well in shade and also told not to seed the yard imediatly after lime application, wait 10 days.
Moss is usually the result of environmental conditions. If you do not change them I would not expect different results, long term. A good saying I like to keep in mind is "To repeat the same things over and expect different results is the definition of ______". You can fill in the blank.
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