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Turf Hokie Good luck with that electric bill! WOW that is some kind of system. I hope it works out for you with Holganix. I am still going to stay with the Sumagreen as I have noticed an earlier greening up then in past years with the Sumagreen. I priced Holganix to Sumagreen and there was no difference until it cam to treatment and the whole refrigeration system. The treatment was three times what sumagreen uses.

The guy from Holganix told me I needed 7-9 oz per 1000 sq/ft where sumagreen guy told me 3 oz. Holganix also told me that they use fertilizers with their treatments in order to get good results. How is that Organic or chemical free? The sumagreen guy told me if I wanted to use fertilizer I could and many of their LCO's do with the first treatment to get teh quicker greening up but it is not needed for the product as long as you are understanding it is a process and the greening up will take longer then using fertilizers.

I hope it works out for you guys I just do not want anyone getting the wrong information that Holganix is a stand alone product and that they do require fertilizer with the treatments. That is the part I got pissed about when talking to my Holganix guy in Jersey. They make it sound like they are completely fertilizer free and they are not.

I am not here to bad mouth Holganix but I do think their marketing is a little..... well no so true. Pricing is a little overboard as well. Good Luck to all using it. Bottom line is the bottom line if it is working for you then great as we are all here to make money. Main reason why I am using sumagreen instead of Holganix
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