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Since this thread is kinda off topic already, I was talking to another contractor earlier today after the snowstorm about bidding for landscape maint & he mentioned that maintenance prices for commercial are at $22-$25/man hr. He had said (taken with a grain of salt) he bid with a property management company at $25/man hr and didn't land anything. How can you possibly profit at prices like that?! If that's the actual truth, I've definitely been a little bummed through today since hearing that. I always try to think abundance not scarcity (E-Myth Quote) but man that's ridiculous.
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I highly doubt professional property management companies are going to hire anyone by blanketing a man hour price on anything. They want to know exactly, price per job, how much its going to cost.

My smaller home association i take care of (265 homes) has 9 common's area's(about 100 feet long x 6 feet wide) on both sides of the street and then 50ft long by 4 feet wide between the two streets at each area. 3 large parcels of land along a river and pond(about 12 acres total) and then a couple of cul de sacks (<spelling?).....If i quoted 25 per man hour, it takes up a little over 7 hours to do everything with 2 guys. thats 14 man hoursx 25 dollars per hour=$350 dollars. This would be a little more than 1/3rd what we charge. The account pays $895 per week, We mow 11 lawns in the neighborhood here which fills up the entire day there. My total day gross is around 1300 dollars, and it cots a little under 35 dollars in fuel, and 200 dollars in labor. Not to shabby, but if it was 25 per hour , i would run for the hills. Maybe if you have a 5 man crew, charging 125 per hour for just mowing, MAYBE.

But not for a 2 man crew. And FOR SURE not a 1 man crew

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