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Not sure why you think my electric bill is going to be a problem? The only thing running is a chest freezer (converted into a refrigerator for temp)No different than the one I have at my house for food

Holganix can be used as a stand alone, it does not have to be used with anything else. I mix with 1/8-1/4 lb N. but will eventually see if I can go without. I don't want to mix alone on lawns that are transitioning off of getting 4-5 lbs N per year.

Not sure why you think Holganix has to be used with fert and sumagreen does not. That can both be used with or without.

I did not even price out the sumagreen. I just compared labels and the sumagreen does not have a comparable product in my opinion. There is a whole lot more in Holganix than sumagreen

My cost per thousand with the Holganix and 1/4 lb N . Is still less than a 50% scu applied at 1lb N. so I am not sure why you think holganix is cost prohibitive.
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