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Watching a FB post explode

I just thought this was interesting enough to share. I've mentioned in other threads that social media, especially Facebook, is all about posting stuff that people will find interesting enough to share. I also mentioned that what takes off is random and hard to predict.

So I was sitting in the car waiting on an appointment today and realized I'm behind on FB posts. I flipped through pics on my phone and came across a bench that a local guy made and my friend is selling at her shop. Cool product, I'm actually using one for a client, people should like it. Done.

I checked back three hours later and the photo has been shared over 150 times and has been seen by over 8,000 people! Holy crap. Is this likely to result in a lead for me? Probably not, but I may pick up a few new followers and down the road THAT may turn into a lead. It's playing the long game.

Here's a screen shot for proof:
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