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Been using my exmark 30 for a few days now, cutting at 2 to 2.5 inches and so far i love it. Only issue i had with power was cutting a lawn that had been sodded late last fall and was fertilized 3 times over the winter... It was pretty shaggy by the time it went dormant and was already growing some. 2.5" height and taking off 4 to 5 inches it really bogged down, engine slowed to maybe half rpms and i was crawling in spots but.... The cut was perfect, i mean perfect, and it filled the bag FULL every time and never clogged. Aside from needing 10 horsepower to get thru that I'd say it did very well! Everything else I've cut has just been mowing off the tops, cuyting 1 to 3 inches off and kt has done great. Faster than a 21" by far and a shade faster than my 36" walker due to being able to go faster. The walker 36 has to be ran at snail speed most of the time to get it to suck up embeded leaves, which it still does poorly, and to just get it to cut.

Now i just need to turn my help loose with it, lol. I haven't let him use my new toy yet. Haha
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