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Originally Posted by turf hokie View Post
That's your best bet. You control it much better. You can delay if weather turns etc. the bundling does not take long that long. I did 20,000 while watching a couple of games over 1 weekend.

Sent my 1st 5000 out. Not a great response so far. My cards landed 4 days before the competition started rolling theirs out. Going to start sending the rest out in batches of 3000 as soon as the predicted rain passes on Tuesday.

Good luck
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i agree. I sent my first batch out about a week ago and havent seen really any return on it, besides a couple new landscape installs and brick paver jobs from present customers that will keep us busy for the money of april if it ever stops snowing.... The rest of them should have been out today, but its snowing as of right now.... ugghhhh

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