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Originally Posted by AQLSERVICE View Post
on a scale 1-10, 10 being very satisfied. how would you rate SAP?
I am thinking of trying it out. what are your pros and cons being its now 2013 and im sure they are improved. are they still moving forward with development?
thanks for your time!
well theres alot of questions i will break it down like this:

Prior to the update I would say my overall satisfaction was a 7

after the update I would say its a 6

from a drive stand point, they will get it right in time. i would give them a 10.

My biggest beef, they handled the update wrong. They know they did, they admitted it to me, and dont plan on doing anything like that again...or at least lets hope not.

They also promissed alot before the update, and I had made plans using these new parts of the system like time tracking so when it came out and didnt work, that ment that I had held off on alot of plans as a result. I could have purchased a time clock myself, had i known that theirs wasnt going to work.

On the other side of the coin. If an dwhen they have fuly fixed all their problems there is not a single provider at this time that will do everything they will in the future. it might take 5 years? but no other program will do all that.
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