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Originally Posted by AQLSERVICE View Post
on a scale 1-10, 10 being very satisfied. how would you rate SAP?
I am thinking of trying it out. what are your pros and cons being its now 2013 and im sure they are improved. are they still moving forward with development?
thanks for your time!
Depends on what. if anything you use now. Many basic parts you can rate 8-10. Marketing gets a 3. You can market to your own accts and leads, but can't filter the list to find people that have fert, but not grub. You can filter for a group that have a service such as fert, mowing, etc.

We love the email. Estimates get a 6-7. Easy to create, email or print, and the client can accept on line. Would be a 10 if you could hit convert, and make the work active with out keying stuff in to scheduling.

Prepays - 7/8. Needs the ability for the client when paying online to indicate the services he is paying for.
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