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Originally Posted by windflower View Post
Thatis a great deal! Is it a 18 or 21 hp engine? Mine was $16,000 new 1000 hours ago. No way would I sell it for less than $10,000. I haven't noticed any wear in the hydro's yet. Unless they have been opened you should get 500 to 1000 more hours out of them. Sounds like it was used privately and the owner doesn't know what it is worth. Unless you see a major issue buy it. I love mine.
He wasn't quite sure, but he thinks it is a 21 hp. He said all maintenance was keep up on it and this was his back up unit and only used it on his own yard. The only thing that was done to it was a new belt. Comes with extr blades also.

Originally Posted by windflower View Post
You can test the hydro performance by using the machine for 30 minutes or so. Worn hydro's will not work as well when hot. With cold oil they all perform like new. I mention this in case the clock was replaced.
He said everything was original on it. I have never used a Walker before, but worn hydro's will fill sloppy or not be very responsive if abused, correct?

Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
3,500 is a steal, that kubota motor will go AT LEAST 3500 hours and the hydros should last 2k hours if they aren't abused.
Any tips on what to look for with these mowers? I assume check for play in deck drive shaft, leaking hydro's, play in spindles, condition of impeller, and of course all fluid levels.

Originally Posted by joesimoes2 View Post
Did you say 475 hours
Yes 475 hours.
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