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Hmmm, Nobody responded. I'm in Walker country and i'm the odd man out running a Grasshopper. Many reasons for this but i'll nail down a few:

#1. Speed. My hopper will beat the pants off a walker for speed. It's only 14" longer than a comparable walker which comparing would be a Super Bee.

#2, Biggest bagger walker makes is a 54. I run a 61 and my dad runs 2 -72s Blower can be removed in less than a minute for side discharge and the entire bagging system can be removed in less than 5 minutes.

#3, Maintenance. I don't have to pull my engine from the grasshopper to clean the chaff out of it every season. Just blow it out once a week. Belts are easy to access, total of 5 grease fittings.

#4, Running a Walker, your feet ride the deck. Every time your deck goes over a bump, your feet do as well. To me this is uncomfortable. The hopper has a dedicated foot platform that is isolated from the vibrations and the movement of the deck.

#5, For accessories again, With Grasshopper it's 2-3 minutes to change out from mower to aera-vator, blower, broom, snowblower ect. Walker you have to mount an implement hitch which your feet also ride on and then mount your attachments. As an old farm boy i find the grasshopper quick tach accessories to be faster and easier.

#6, As an old farm boy and ex heavy equipment operator i find the controls goofy. I want to push forward on my controls to go forward. With Walker you push forward on your speed control to go forward and pull back to turn. Just seems odd.

All in all, Walker and grasshopper make a nice mower both with great cut quality. I just prefer Grasshopper for what i do as most of my accounts are 1/2 acre and up.....
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