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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
This will kill seeds, full grown trees, and any vegetation growing in the area or that has roots growing into the area. It also runs off with rain and will kill what it runs off to. 5-10 gallons per acre in a wetting spray.

What has worked well for me for total vegetation control is 10 lb Sahara DG, 2 quarts Garlon 4, and 1 quart Reward. This is not as likely to run off and kill things downstream, however it must not be used over the root zone of desirable trees.
On the jug label says 1 gallon w/25gal water covers 43,500 sqft. Wonder how much run off it will have at that rate.
I been reading everything I can't find the rate 1 gal per 25gal of water if there any run off due to rain ( online)
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