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Yes, you are more likely to trip but that's the least of all concerns, I don't think most people realize walking behind one of these is a work out for which you need to be in some kind of shape, people are funny they don't understand how much work walking actually is, they think they can just "walk" 6 lawns like all casual, but these commercial machines will work you harder than a gymnasium treadmill set to "military" pace.

On one tank of gas, mower like that will run ALL day and I mean you start it at 8am and maybe it runs out of gas around 5p but I can assure you by then it will have run you out of ass three times.

I'll put one of my 5-speeds in 4th gear and you are more than welcome to come try and "walk" behind it, now in the early spring 4-5 normal sized lawns isn't too awful but on a 90-degree day I don't expect you to make it much past the first yard or two, better pack a lunch and grab a sombrero, Pancho.

Mower like that has more power, speed, and weight than two or three of us do.
It will pull your truck out of a ditch.

So either better start out slow, or get a sulky.
Like 2nd, or 3rd gear on a transmission, we're talking maybe 3 miles per hour.

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