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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
I tested a trimstar in high gear you better be ready to run with it
Right, and most folks wouldn't make it 10 minutes 'running' around a yard.
A commercial mower in high gear will wear out most folks in a tiny front yard alone.
Three minutes flat and they're bent over with one hand holding on for balance, can't hardly catch their breath.
They'd be better off hitching themselves up to a dogsled to go race the Iditarod, as one of the dogs.
By the time they're done in back, they're also about done for the day.
Pretty much, and even if they're good for another they sure ain't doing 5 or 10 yards that way.

I'm serious, you have to be in really good shape to go walking a commercial mower.
I know some guys do, but not in high gear.
Better start training come Monday.

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