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Lets see......The chemical companies have LOTTTTS of money to make facts,They have LOTTTS of money for lobbiests,Their in the business of making money from selling chemicals......I think they have some incentive for providing information to back up their point of view.
I'm not so sure the EPA is the organization I want to put my trust in.
Synthetic ferts are cheaper,easier and more profitable to use for lco,s.
I'll let you all talk to some farmers that have constant sickness.
We as humans think we can improve on what nature has been doing for eons but this old earth has done quite well without our "help."
I'm not a tree hugger or a liberal,in fact I'm about as conservative as they come,But dig up a customers front lawn that has been chemmed for years and tell me how many earthworms you find?
Not looking for any argument,just like to learn more and get other views.
My kids deserve that much.
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