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I read on the net about mowers all year, everyone says that that recommends that thats where it comes from. I have sold a couple of walkers too here i have 2 guys that run them in my area. They only use them for the banks and use the other mowers for yards. They say they more "fragile". When i started my lawncare biz my first lawnmower i ever purchased was a grasshopper diesel because everyone around here used them. They are truly the best attachment mower out, the 25b catcher holds a freaking huge amoujt of grass. My advice i give is from experience and knowledge has nothing to with being a dealer. So what advice i give is gonna help me sell more mowers or something? Thats crazy...... and if i am a dealer for something there is probably a reason or experience why i did... i would like to meet a few of you guys rhat constantly belittle me on some of these sites... i went from mowing yards to selling mowers out of my house, to being one of the largest volume mower dealers in the world in 5 years i think i deserve more credit than you guys banter about me about....
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