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i try not to put and $ figures on here, but I will say my trucks bring in alot more in sales than they cost to have lettered or wrapped. Were working on a install proposal right now with a budget higher than 75% of the guys on here have in yearly sales. Where did the customer get my name and number? They wrote down website while stuck in traffic. They saw the truck and recognized it from a job site we were working at that they drove by one day.

The thing that has worked best for us with lettering is our websites. They are on the trucks as large as our name or phone number. We also have a series of quirky easy to remember urls that link directly to our site. So their is a short and simple to remember address for the irrigation trucks, one for fert, holiday lighting, etc on the appropriate truck that links to that section of the site. A short simple web address is much easier to remember than a phone number or your company name as the web url
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