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J contracting.... Are you getting at all nervous how late it is getting? It's almost Easter and still haven't sent out my bulk post cards. With Temps not going to be over 40 degrees for another week, I am debating just getting them out this week if we get a day with out any clouds.

How are you dealing with more snow? We just got 2" of snow again a couple hugs ago and I threw the towel in on plowing the residential. And just did my commercial lots. A good paycheck if I can get everyone to pay by the end of the month!

I am planning to maybe do another eddm mail out mid April to get all the late customers... we aren't hurting for landscape jobs (4-$25k jobs landed in the last week) but the mowing I'm nervous about.

I'd really like to secure two full time guys for the entire year, and make sure I don't have to worry about missing class to work in the fall. Gotta get serious about school (at leased as serious as this business) and start planning my future ten years down the road.

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