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I'm in the process of getting all my lawn business ducks in a row-- equipment, website, insurance, etc... and am doing so just to allow myself to quit a $60k job. At 40 years old, lol. Thankfully, my wife makes good $$$ and likes her job, whereas I am stuck in a dead-end, micromanaged hell that I am trying to escape!

Besides- I actually like the physical labor, the learning curve, the exposure to the elements and the self-reliance that goes with this kind of territory. At least in my region, I think it's more than possible to make a decent living doing high-end lawn service. And even if I end up having to supplement the new biz w/a part-time job (at least in the short term), then it's still worth it for the boost my quality of life will get from trying! YMMV, as they say
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