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That's a very complicated way of saying "Answer the phone when it rings and set up a time to meet with a client. Give them an estimate, service the property, and bill them when you're done." Don't make this harder than it is. I could write down a "system" to handle the basics in about an hour. The intangibles of the business are where you need to concentrate (if you're worried about being in a coma for a year and your workers not being able to run the business.) How to set the schedule. How to record jobs and invoicing procedures. When does payroll get called in and to who. How do the taxes get paid. How does unemployment get paid. Where do the equipment payments get made to and when. When is insurance due. How much fertilizer gets ordered for the first round? When is the credit card payment due?
I don't worry about the simple things that an experienced employee already should know, or will know once trained. I worry about having things setup for them to reference in the event something happens to me and they're left to carry on. You know all the stuff that goes on when they think I'm sitting back at the shop watching the grass grow.
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