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Originally Posted by robertsturf View Post
Hopefully the cut quality is a little better than it was when they first came out. We live in the same area and they are not quite up to our standards. Good luck
We had a dealer here and they mowed lawns with them.

Few years ago it was the thing to have. Now don't even see them. Dealer went out business

My self I didn't think they had very good cut on turf fescue. Now bluegrass they did seem cut nice
I did demo one on a Cemetery 16 acres all hill mowing. It wouldn't climb on all 4 wheels. My DC would climb all the hills on all 4 wheels . I wanted something for my guys to run to be safer for them. I'm only one will mow steep hills on my DC

In the end I pick a WB trimstar but in the end I didn't win the bid
City used my bid to budget there own crew
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