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i quit my auto factory job where i worked for 6 years making $50k, free benefits, 401k, etc.

i've been doing lawn care 3 years now. i'm making about half as much as i was and i have no benefits right now.

...but i made the right decision for me. i couldn't be happier. i hated my old job and no amount of money would've kept me there. life is a risk no matter what you do. sometimes you just gotta go for it. only you can make that decision for yourself.

i figure in 3-4 more years i should be making about as much as i was at my old job. it just takes time in the lawn busiiness. you don't grow overnight. personally i'd be happier just making half as much money the rest of my life if that's how it goes. you just have to adjust your standard of living to match.

good thing is i will still get a pension from my old job for $500 a month when i turn 65. that's a long time away though. i still got 30 years to work before i get to that point.

in a year or so i should be making enough to buy healthcare again on my own and then i can start putting a little back into an IRA or something each month and roll over my old 401k into it as well. SS isn't gonna be there when i retire most likely so i don't even count on it.

i dunno what all this talk about labor is. my old job was 5x as hard to do as mowing grass is. this job can get you stressed if you let it. it's all in your mindset. you gotta just relax and enjoy it. if you do that then it's the greatest job in the world. i can go home after work and i'm not tired at all where as my old job i could barely walk since my feet hurt so bad from standing on metal grates all day. if i would've stayed at my old job i probably would have died before i retired so what's the point of retirement??? there wouldn't be any. life is too short man. do what you enjoy. find a way to make it work even if it means living on less money. people in africa live their whole lives without ever having a job or making any money at all. they make it work for them.

if you have a wife and like 3 kids or something then hopefully your wife works and has benefits but if she doesn't then you probably don't wanna get into this business. it will be 5-10 years before you are on your feet. i'm single so it's easier for me to make the change. i wish i would've started when i was a teenager. if i had done that i'd be rolling in the dough by now. most people start this business and then quit because it's not quick sucess. it takes years to get to a stable position.
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