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Grass to Stone

Have a customer that possibly wants to take out most of their fenced in dog area & put all stone for their dogs. right now there is quite a bit of grass (healthy too) in the area (probably 100'x75')

What would be the easiest way to do about getting rid of the turf?
I have used herbicide in the past for smaller areas but nothing this size. Wondering if I should either use a sod cutter and cut rows, till it, or try and bucket scrape it out with a skidsteer or tractor.

Also I have heard of using a tractor gill rake attachment but that seems like it would make a large mess. (I have one already for my equipment)

Also the land is on about a 30-40 degree angle hill.. which makes me weary off trying to scrape it up with equipment.

Any and all advice is appreciated.
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