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Originally Posted by Lawnut101 View Post
I find that I am usually cheaper than some of the "big" companies out there. Keep your overhead low, and buy the most effecient equipment you can for the money. Make sure at the same time that you are fair and making money. Also, shop around. Sometimes you can find suppliers that will give you a pretty good price break from buying larger quantities of fertilizer/herbicide. I try not to be cheaper, but sometimes it just happens that way. Everyone looks at each job different. Sell quality just like the guy above me said, and your clients will stick with you for years to come. And if you find that you are consistently cheaper, then that means you need to raise your price a little.
Lawn nut,

I'm assuming your billing out per application ...correct?

What is your growing zone and approx application schedule?

Assuming your working with cool season grass do your clients often want to skip out on the heavy Fall application of nitrogen as per the Turf research universities and extension offices?

Are you using slow release synthetic products or fast release quick green up APS.
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