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Late summer app product?

So I know the season is just starting but I want to have a plan together. I'm just not sure what product to use for those August apps right before over seeding or new seeding time in September.

Last year I used Q4 Plus. But to be honest, I wasn't completely satisfied. The performance aspect is one thing, I also don't care for the reseeding interval of 30 days and 6 hours rain proof time. It's fine if I'm the one in charge of the schedule. Its another to have someone call later in the month or even in September that wants the crabgrass gone and need seed put down. Not good having to wait 30 days and what if it needs a second app 2 weeks later? Now you're at 6 weeks from the time they first called you out in order to reseed.

I was considering Drive XLR8. Have heard good reviews about it, rain proof within 1 hour, can reseed right away (for tall fescue lawns which probably 95%of people have around me.) However, the one thing Q4 has over Drive XLR8 is the ability to control sedge and several other grassy weeds. Drive is strictly for crab and some limited broadleaves.

My question is; what is a product that kind of is the best of both worlds? Has good knockout power for the crabgrass, good reseeding times, short rainproof time but also can control other grassy weeds and broadleaves not just crabgrass?

I was thinking Acclaim Extra. Rainproof in an hour, controls several types of grassy weeds, can reseed fescue immediately after spraying. The negative is it does not control any broadleaf weeds, you cannot apply Acclaim Extra 21 days after you have sprayed 2,4-D apps. You have to follow up 5 days later to spray broadleaves with 2,4-D. Not sure this is the best either.

Should I just stick with the Q4 Plus? Or, do you know of one or a combination that would work for me after reading what I'm looking for as far as requirements?
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