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Hey canyon -- there must not have been any good lookin' chicks at the beach the day the SDPD busted you for 'pallet burning'. :laugh:

I was looking up sites regarding pallets .... most sites want to sell pallets, but I found a couple that said pallets are made of hardwoods, softwoods, and pine. We sell our pallets to a customer who owns a large pallet company here (for a buck a pallet). He says they make 'em out of whatever they can find. Sometimes pressure treated, but that's rare.

We go through over 200 pallets a year, so I keep trying to think what I can build..........only thing I've ever made out of pallets was a recycle bin for yard waste. Oh well.

Well i think the problem was too many good looking chicks, from the two woman officers who stopped us...

It makes logical sense to what you said...they did not look like PT wood and I even brought that up to the cops, i think it just pissed them off even more.

Why do you guys go through so many?
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