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Urban logs to finished flooring

I'm trying to get the ball rolling on the sawmill forum. I rely on salvaged logs for my sawmill, and am constantly amazed by the possibilities. I recently made a trip to Ontario and met Jonathan Arnold, who is co-owner of Shady Lane Tree Service. He's had a Norwood portable sawmill for a couple of years, now and has milled the flooring, counter top, and fireplace mantle for his new home from logs salvaged from his jobs. He also sells lumber from the mill, often to the clients who hired him to remove the tree. Just thouht I'd show you some of the possibilities....

A few logs and boards around the mill yard

Wide oak board cut on the sawmill... a table top, maybe?

Custom oak flooring cut on the sawmill. Jon had the boards kiln dried, planed, and tongue & grooved.

Solid walnut counter top. Try finding one of these at the local home improvement store!
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