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Originally Posted by Mr.LaVere View Post
aww trannys! That's the other side of the equation. When I was at the biggest Ford dealership in the Central US the transmission problems were as common as the 6.0 diesel issues! And very expensive!

My 2001 Cummins had stage 3 ATS installed at 77,000 by the original owner and the same untouched trans in still in the truck today at 198,000 and counting. Shifts perfect!

The most reliable transmission for any diesel is a 5 or 6spd manual though...
I just didn't want to wear my leg out pushing snow and the clutch!
See now thats awesome!!! sounds like in your situation diesel is a no brainer for you. your having good luck with your truck being dependable and not to bad of a maint hog. mine is having issues out the wazzu, but Ive never had issues at all as bad with the gassers. Thats why i keep saying Id go back with gas because im sick and tired of the diesel truck needing something every time i turn around!!!

As for the manual trannys, couldnt agree more. I push snow and sometimes can be out for over 24 hours per storm and i can tell you that plowing lots for that long with a standard shift, your leg will get tired!!! If I ever do go diesel route again it will be a 12v or 24v older truck....
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