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After 14 years full time lawn work after the shop moved that I worked at I am seriously considering returning to the shop. I hope my mind talks me out of it, I love the freedom, love the customers ,the challenge but its so damned expensive. Just as soon as we have money stacking up it all goes to taxes, licences, diesel fuel , tires. I have an offer to take a look at a full time job in a climate controlled building ,machine shop work . These last three or four years seem to be turning against the small ,mom and pop folks. Tired of it yet reasonably optimistic. I need the drive back that used to drive me and its waning .Hopefully I will proove myself wrong and will get back on track but looking at getting a couple guys full time and I think of how much has to go through the door to still make it for all of us doing it all by the book. Scary.Its like being a boxer , you climb into the ring each season and learn to bob weave faint yet it still takes a tremendous drive to be the victor. After facing the impossible and each year surviving ,its so hard to get out of your blood. Whereas I`m scared that if I become an empoyee again I will feel half alive yet on the other hand ,it would be nice to come home and do things with the family instead of working till dark....
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