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Originally Posted by Leland Lawn View Post
Oh that's awesome! I would have liked to have a Kawi engine on mine. I'm sure that it will last longer and give you less trouble then any B&S engine, that's for sure! Ah makes sense. That's probably why I haven't been able to sell mine, not that I really want to. It's nice to have a small collection of extra equipment just in case. That sound good! Dixie Chopper doesn't exist where I'm at, but Exmark does. I love my Toro stuff! And because of that I can't dis on Exmark at all since they're the same company. They just usually have a few different controls and colors. The Turboforce deck does great in all types of grass conditions and the mowers have been fairly problem free. One of the reasons I stick with Toro though is because of my dealer. I do have to drive 1.5 hours to get to them, but they have been amazing over the years and always treated me well! At this point I wouldn't buy another Hustler mower, but would love to have another Walker at sometime... if I ever had the actual need for one.

Your welcome! Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to know about the mower. You seem to be off to a good start already!
Yeah the Kawi is old but starts first pull and runs like a champ. I don't think I'd ever get rid of it because like you said, always nice to have extra equipment, and most likely it will be on my trailer for the next couple of seasons. My main dealer sells everything, Bobcat, Exmark, Dixie, Toro, so I have great options. The other dealer is the guy I worked for, and he only has Hustler for commercial, and after riding them constantly I wasn't too impressed by them. I'd take a Bobcat or Dixie over a Hustler. Toro and Exmark are great, so I'd love to have one.
And thanks! This winter is dragging me down right now, just want it to be spring already!
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