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Originally Posted by Mgardner View Post
it would be nice to come home and do things with the family instead of working till dark....
I can't speak from experience but if you've been in this 14 years and this is still the case something has to be wrong. I know a seasonal industry has its busy times but there are many landscape business owners I have met that do not live this way.... Not a chance I would give up something (full time job) if it meant that I would have less time with my family. I can take less money, but not less time. I understand starting out you need to put the leg work in and after 5 years you should have some control. I'm going to be testing the waters, so to speak, in the next couple/few years to see the demand for services. If nothing exists I will remain part time, as I have been for the past 6 years. If it's truly a poor mans market then I'll just keep it as extra income and nothing more.

The biggest thorn in my side is I chose my current profession over another, believe it or not I had a choice. I moved last year and my neighbor has the exact "another" career I was looking at. The last 3 years his salary was $140,000+ with benefits and mucho time off. Current gig has me taking scraps from the table. I was such an idiot. That will keep me kicking myself for life.....

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