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Let me say that I agree that turf is far overused in the most uncreative ways ever and that if it's not a play area or something that is bound to take a lot of foot traffic,these guys are right in bringing groundcovers into the equation.

Riggle is also asking a question I have about the netting and the slope. I too am wondering about its actual purpose.

That being said, I wouldn't add dirt to dirt and expect any kind of change unless it was 8 inches or more deep. Amend the clay to improve it. That means organic materials like fine grade mulch/manure/etc. and possibly even some pelletized gypsum to help break the clay up. As I said before, aeration may be the quickest, but a pitchfork or any other hole opener can do the job to the point where you can apply a fine layer of amendments, not enough to bury the grass, just topdress it, and get it working in.

You may have to do this multiple times during the year to make a difference (and perhaps season after season, depending on the soil and compaction factors).

If you want fast, rip it up, till in the proper amount of amendments and resod/reseed/rechoose plant material.

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