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Agree....... That's why I think after this year starts I'm going to limit myself with lawnsite. It's been a great resource for the past 5 years. I'm "restarting" myself and this needs to be part of the restart. The fact remains that it's an open forum and I don't know if I'm conversing with a kid living with his mom and dad, someone who has no vision, uneducated or educated, cares only about pulling the start cord and engaging mower blades and driving a "cool" truck vs actually being a business owner. Yes you hav to do those tasks to start but i dont want to be riding a mower in 3-5 years. Also for the ones that seem larger do they have their stuff together? Often times you hear bad things more than good. The really good ones on here have one thing in common. They spend very little time on LS. Sure they post some amazing things and advice but they're too busy working on their business rather than in it. I won't leave for good but will surely be limited. Again it's a fantastic resource if used correctly. But it is very distracting and all the negativity and amateurism (for lack of a better word) is not good for moving forward. I wish everyone well and those that have helped in my other theads, Thank you.

Good luck this spring to all.
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