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I've listened to some of the big guns here and purchased recommended books or contacted recommended mentors and/or consultants. I've come to realize this. If you want good information you need to do two things. First, research, meaning put in the ground work to find the right people. Second, it costs money. I laugh when a mentor suggests a book that may have a $50 price tag and people scoff a it. Yet that scoffer will dump thousands into their hotrod diesel pickup (exhausts, tuners, lift kits, etc....) that does nothing to help their business. Or they'll attack these mentors for not just laying out a full business plan and a how to manual for everything that mentor has done. I even witnessed a member tell one of the more successful memebers who does ten $250,000 to $500,000 projects a year that he's doing it all wrong and mowing is the best thing and everything else is dumb. Seriously that's what transpired. The big contractor gives so much advice and doesn't care if you mow lawns or do massive installs he's just trying to guide people to where he's had success. These are the people I want to listen to. Theyve gone down a path im interested in, owning a business and not working a self employed job. I don't mean to offend anyone just stating what I've seen. Some want that self employed job and that's ok. But it seems that's 95% of LS. I think this will be my official last post for a while as I reconstruct my business plan and talk with my mentors and catch up on much needed reading.
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