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Originally Posted by Valk View Post
From what I can tell, it's most often that folks are finding fuel issues with their 2-stroke/HH equip...for whatever reason or reasons.
IFF ethanol is an issue, then this is where, perhaps, going out of one's way to obtain ethanol-free fuel may pay the biggest dividends. Obviously, there is a convenience factor - like when one runs out and needs it now.

Allowing fuel with ethanol to sit in 2-stroke equip over the Winter is, perhaps, when the greatest damage of all occurs. I'm not convinced that ANY additive can overcome the practice of allowing ethanol-containing fuel to rest for 2-5 months in the tanks/lines/carbs of 2-stroke equip.

Fuel stabilizers will preserve the fuel to some degree/extent...but can they protect all these plastic/rubber parts from degradation?
I just finished getting 60 picese of handhelds back in service after a winter layoff. All of them had an addative put in the fuel. I had very few problems getting the units back into service. I am definitely convinced that the addatives that take care of the water is absolutely necessary. I see very little problem coming from corn gas just a few parts like the primer bulbs and fuel lines and grouments got out.
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