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Originally Posted by Choppin View Post
I'm new to the site but have been viewing awhile. I'm fixing to buy another Ferris 3100 with 61 inch deck. I have a 3100 61 with a 37 DFI Kawasaki and it has plenty of power its just a gas hog. Will the 32 Vanguard have plenty of power for the 61 or should i get the 36 Vanguard. I mow full speed most of the time cutting some weekly accounts and bi-weekly. All the properties i mow with the 3100 is big open mowing some of it is thicker grass most of it is fairly thin. 32 or 36?
I've run the 32 Vanguard on a 60" deck mower, and not once did I ever see the need for more power, the 32 is a horse. I've also run the old; what was known at the time as a 37 hp Kawi on a 3100, and the 32 Vanguard felt stronger than the Kawasaki. This particular Kawasaki seemed as though the governor was in a constant hunt, up and down mode, whereas the 32 Vanguard never once called on the governor.

I personally now own a new 72" deck mower with what is known as a 35 actual hp Kawasaki (FX1000V) and it has done fine, never hear the governor sound as if it is hunting, honestly never notice the governor kicking in. The engine I now have has a differently designed head than the one on the 3100 I was running, supposedly this made the big difference.
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