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Originally Posted by windflower View Post
It is tick seed. Don't let the plant go to seed. They are a pain to remove. The brush killer (triclopyr) will be fine if you don't over apply it. Page 4 says it may cause temporary yellowing. I've never had that happen... yet. If you have anything that is labeled for dandelions that will work as well. The two plants are both in the same family.

Thanks for the reply. I applied the brush killer this weekend and will see what happens. I only applied to one quadrant of the yard (not connected to other areas of yard) so if it kills everything I'm ok. Its like 70% infested. I'm not sure if the one is tick seed - I looked at some pictures online and these are very low growing items. Unless they just take a long time to get that tall.

Was pulling some of them out this weekend and some look like mini bonzai trees!! The stanrgest things growing out there. I'm convinced there are like a dozen different ones.
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