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Originally Posted by clipfert View Post
Is the belt tight?
Are the pulleys in tact? Maybe the key way broke.
Does it have oil in the base? (not engine)
Can you post a pic to determine the Make and possible Model?
the pulleys are in tact, and the belt is tight and not fractered or broken or anything like that. The belt won't turn at all, the engine pulley spins freely when I remove the belt, but the pulley at the lower end does not spin.
There was a little bit of oil in the bottom when I got it, I pressure washed the tamper and haven't seen oil since.
That's why I was wondering what type of oil to put in the cylinder, 90W gear oil?
I am pretty sure the whole problem lies within that cylinder, I'm just afraid of pulling it apart before fully understanding what could possibly be inside and how that works.

I will see if I can get a picture up tomorrow of the unit
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