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Nosy People Think They Know It All

Actually the price on the 36" V Ride (Not B RIDE) is $6,269.99 plus taxes (including promotional fleet pricing). Now, I'm selling a 48" or 52" with less than 15 hrs. on both. Do your full research and you will see that there is a significant price increase from 36 to 48 or 52! Fleet pricing on 48" is $7,159.99 and 52" is $7,699.99 PLUS TAXES (Illinois Tax Rate is 10%) Calculate THAT!!!!! I'm not trying to rip any one off here and if they don't like my price than don't worry about my deal. Move on to the next one! If you read the Thread you would see that the interested person already owns a 36" and he knows what they go for.
Have a great day!
Let me plug this CO. since I put info out there.
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