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Originally Posted by CowboysLawnCareDelaware View Post
The only time I use a rake is when I have a clump of leaves in a small area, its just faster for me to pull them out of their than to sit there with the blower and watch them move little by little.

I can't remember details but if I recall properly another landscaper that I keep in contact with used an old blower in reverse. So it would suck up the leaves and then blow them into the truck and he only spent $300-$400 on it. You just have to make your own brackets and fit the proper size tubing to it on your own.

That's actually not a bad idea if you have a few used impellers laying around, not to mention your blowers are fradans or giant vacs with the taper lock coupling that comes off easily. Cheaper than a vacuum, and if you fabricate the right mount, the changeover from blowing to vacuuming should be fairly quick.
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