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Originally Posted by Big C View Post
Think Big!! know people often admire the self made millionaires of the world, the Donald Trumps, Sam Waltons....those guys seek freedom, freedom to do what they want, when they want. Then theres the Joe Blows of the world who wish they could make money and be their own boss but are too scared because they value "security" over "freedom". There is no such thing as job security (just ask the people who were laid off by big corporation diring the reccession). Many so called business owners think small and are to affraid to commit to their busineses, to do what it takes to succeed, they find it easier to go to work for someone else, and wait for the retirement system or the government to take care of them, only to be laid off after 20+ years of faithful service to a company that only saw them as a number from the very beginning. In order to become sucessful one has to loose the Joe Blow worker mentality and think like a businessman. The worse thing a person with big dreams can do is the ask advice from small thinkers....because they will talk you out of your dreams everytime. We all must do what is best for us and our situations.
Maybe some decent weather and some early jobs will get me out of this rut. Been here before as winter keeps everything sitting ,including the plow truck. We used to make good money with snow so we didn`t sweat winter ,but have had two in a row that made me empty out savings to pay overhead.I`m not alone, this area is in bad shape and I can say many have thrown in the towel and their stuff went to auction. We are froze up solid still, last yaer we had our first cutting at this time. Its froze up and when the sun comes out its soup. My heart tells me to step up to the plate and swing the bat again. Maybe this will be the year we get OUR breakout , we surely feel its been earned the hard way. I wouldn`t trade the setbacks, the breakdowns, the bad weather,the awsum customer base for security but its tempting me. It took years of total commitment to my customers to have these folks who keep us every year . To walk away from it makes me want to run into someone who will get in my face and wake up the man that was once thrilled to be a business man. I need to figure out where that guy went. They had pay per view UFC Sat nite and a feller there was telling me I could get right on and make 18 an hour , health ins. matched 401K , air conditioned and it got the gears turning thinking about the easy way out. Thats not my nature but I am human, and like the old saying goes, Don`t look a gift horse in the mouth".
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