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Originally Posted by birddseedd View Post
being that the crank is not as well lubed, and even has more wear (im assuming there are rods up to a cam) would that not wear out quicker than both a 2 stroke and full on 4 stroke?
The crank is as well lubed in the 4 Mix as it is in any 2 stroke. And yes, there are 2 tiny pushrods for the valves.

Stihl did have some problems with the early 4 Mixes. They have resolved them though and you can expect them to last as long, or longer than most 2 strokes. I have three 4 Mixes and the oldest is a 2005 that was short blocked at Stihl's expense in 2007. I haven't haven't had to do anything other than replace the fuel lines and adjust the valves since then.

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